Lack of Communication Between Children and Parents

mom and son

Communication can be very hard between parents and children regardless of the age because most of the time children have a hard time relating to their parents their point of view of things. Parents can be less willing to hear their children out because they are on the defensive end of things. We all know that to get any job done, communication is key. Let’s discuss why things get a little crazy between parents and the child?

When you are a parent and you feel like your child should be doing something in a particular way, you are pretty blunt and straightforward. Your child can be young or grown, parent’s don’t tend to care how they relate things. They just want to say their peace and the child is suppose to expect it without any statement or opinions on the subject.

When you are a child and you are attempting to speak to your parents about certain concerns or just needing help in life. It can be hard, especially if your grown because all parents forget that they have always raised you to come back home when things get hard or to always ask them for help when you can no longer bare the weight of life anymore. A lot of missed signals have been sent your way, and you are unsure of how to approach your parent, without upsetting them. So you the child just stay silent and go without help and support.

Why is communication so hard between parents and children?


  • Can be very judgmental
  • UsesĀ  your age against you
  • Refuses to hear out why you are facing the struggles in life
  • Refuse to ask the child how can I be of assistance
  • Compares their lack of support from parents to your situation

Child/Grown up:

  • Lays all issues on the table
  • Reminds parent of previous conversations about how they will always support them, no matter what
  • Get’s very defensive and upset when parent goes around the real issue
  • Isn’t always straightforward about what they expect or want from the parent
  • Reminds the parent of previous scenarios when they were growing up and the support systems they had from their parents, friends and siblings

When having a conversation with your parent, they forget all of the things they have previously told you not to do such as allowing people to watch your kids, or not asking or accepting anything from anyone. Parent’s normally tell you how they did not have help and support with you so they will always be there for you. Then when you need this help, they scream, “I’m in retirement”. Isn’t that the point and it also gives you way more time to help out and bond with your grandchildren?

If you have ways to communicate with parents or children, we would love to hear them here at Life Changes Home Care, LLC.

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