A Father and his Daughter’s Relationship

I am a young woman who was raised by my little brother’s father with help from Grandma and Auntie. We loved our dad unconditionally and without a negative thought in mind. Our Dad was always there financially, emotionally and physically when he needed to be. Dad was very involved in our lives such as all school programs and events, after school sports and tutoring. Our Dad was our superhero!

My Dad always had a listening ear and was willing to fix a situation as soon as a problem arises.  Dad wasn’t the smartest guy in the world but he was always willing to learn with his children as well as pay for any tutoring or additional help we needed to be successful in life. He has always said, “I didn’t graduate the third grade“. My brother and I always found that to be the funniest statement ever! He even told us stories about how he would get dropped off at the front door at school, and then walked out the back door. One of those days, he was caught by Grandma and was disciplined on the spot and sent back into the school.

My Dad must have known that hearing those stories would make my brother and I want to complete school. Who wants to be disciplined in front of all of their friends and sent back into the school with tears running down their face? Our Dad always made time for us even with working 3 jobs at once. Our Dad was a truck driver at night, school bus driver during the daytime and had a lawn service he worked during the daytime, as well as owned a few properties at this time. He stayed busy, but always found time to pop up to our school a few times a week, even if he was dirty with grass all over him just to check in on my brother and I.

Our Dad took us and our cousin to Cool Crest once a week. We rode our bikes together once a week for exercise and just to visit our grandma. We even had movie nights with our Dad. Yes, he passed out all the time, but we understood he was tired. So just the 10-15 minutes he would watch with us, meant a lot to my brother and I. We even enjoyed going to help pick up trash around the yards and learning how to push a lawnmower and use a riding lawnmower because it consisted of us being with our Dad.

I enjoyed cooking for my Dad and packing his lunch for his night truck driving job. I always felt good about this because he taught me how to cook and I knew he would give me an honest review on my food. My Dad compliments is what made me want to cook more and more each day. When Dad made time to cook for our little family, we loved it. We sat at the dining room table and ate together as family. Dad has always had a great sense of humor.

Will continue a dad’s and daughter’s relationship on next blog post…..

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