Prepare for the next 30 days in your house…

photo of woman cooking near her family
Photo by Elly Fairytale

Let’s find some positives in staying  at home with the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and cousins? I know that this isn’t the best time of our lives but we can still manage to ensure our children of the future maintaining education, learning new skills, interacting with family members that are normally busy or out of town, family games and more memorable moments. It is spring folks, so the weather should permit a few outdoor activities in your own backyard.

Lets have fun learning how to properly wash our hands and using hand sanitizer accordingly. We can also see one on one what our children are learning at school by working side by side with them on their classroom assignments and homework right at home. We can spice the learning up by making learning fun such as acting things out, offering snacks, making a song to teach them or have them be the teacher.

Let’s teach our children proper household cleaning? What time is better than now? We are also preparing our children to learn to clean when they are out on their own. Being able to spend more time with parents and learning what they do for you while you are gone all day at school makes kids want to help out more. They actually begin to enjoy helping out around the house. Of course, at least until it becomes their regular chore.

Game time for all the family! Now everyone feels love and gets attention right here even if they haven’t gotten any all day. In a game, each person goes so you will get your chance at the spot light! You can show off some of those new skills you picked up while hanging out with some of the coworkers from work.

We are still allowed to eat and enjoy music while doing so, so why not have a barbeque in your own backyard? A water gun fight with the kids. Maybe even watch them jump on the trampoline. This time is a chance to bring families together.  Make this next 30 days memorable.


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