Face Masks for Kansas City Local Community

Life Changes Home Care, LLC believes in the people.We the people make up the world. Are you aware of this pandemic that is currently going on? Are you protecting yourself and family?

Life Changes Home Care understands that the only way to help prevent the spread of coronavirus is by working together as a community and respecting each others space, use daily hygiene routines and leaving our homes only when necessary, when all honesty that’s the only time anyone leaves their house.

We will be going around handing out face mask to people who don’t have one on and also give them one for their spouse, mate, friend or kids. Lets help protect one another? Don’t let this divide us, because everyone knows that we are stronger together. If the numbers are greater we have a better chance of coming out on top. It’s not going to be easy but if we work together its attainable.

Lets be the community that our parents once talked about? If we work together, we are only getting closer to the light at the end of the road. If we fail, and begin to fight, and not work together and began hurting one another we lose. Don’t get caught out here alone! Respect the space and still speak and be friendly as usual. Don’t go to the store and run every time a baby sneezes! It is still allergy season, cold and flu season, and asthma is flaring up, runny noses, coughing and choking happens. There still are other health conditions.

We will be handing out face masks at our office located at 9504 E 63rd Street, suite 214 Raytown , MO 64133 on April 29, 2020 11am-1pm. You will drive up and pick up your face mask. Donations are accepted to be able to keep handing out face masks amongst the community to help keep the virus away. Donations are not mandatory so please come and get your face mask if you need one!

face mask

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