Child Support During Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you on child support? Are you behind or current on your child support? Have you moved on and still feel like you are paying for your past life and not just your child? Are there parents working with the other parent during this time to ensure everyone is able to maintain during these times?

Well let me tell you a true story folks. It’s going to be the quick version of a dawn out continuous battle. Well, I’m married so we have a baby mama as they call it. She gives us the blues and refuses to put our sons needs first. She also refuses him additional time with us when he request it.

Dad went to court and fought for 50/50 custody and even agreed to a child support amount he could not afford in order to see his son who had been kept from him because the mom told him that it was a 50/50 chance between two other guys that he may not be his sons dad. At this moment, he was torn and broke up with her after knowing her for many of years but only dating for 3-5 months.

His court order for his time has been violated over 23 times, lost job due to moms accusations in court and never having to prove them. All he wanted was to be apart of his sons life. Now that their is an economy disater he reaches out and asks for help from the mom as far as forgiving his back pay child support when he lost his job due to her false accusations and modifying his current child support to prevent him becoming behind again due to his current work status. Well of course, Mom says no smiles and brags about getting both of her kids dads checks and says, ” Well looks like I will be balling”, then walks away and gets back in her car.

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