Child support takes struggling parents stimulus checks during COVID-19 with no regards to pandemic

Dad and Daughter 9

Raising a child takes a village beginning with a Mom and Dad as a lead of the family. It takes two to have a child and it truly takes two to raise a child. Why do some of us believe we don’t need anyone else? Why is it ok to need someone to make another life, but it’s not ok for both of you to be apart of your new child’s life?

Well child support violates equal rights and in no way at all does it ensure both parents are equally in a child’s life and both parents are able to contribute to the child’s well-being. A parent is told how much to give the other parent monthly, on top of expected to help in addition all year round, regardless of their situation.

Whereas, the other parent is able to work, collect government assistance, dictate child’s life, collect half of ex spouse checks, and can violate custody orders without any immediate punishments. How is this fair at all? Everyone gets behind on a bill or two. This does not make anyone a bad person, but unfortunately for the person that got behind on child support they are put down and looked down upon.

Now the world is at a crisis and child support is able to take someone’s stimulus check and half of their unemployment checks during this crisis and ensure they can live and pay their bills while the other parent is being punished for just meeting you at this point. Why try to make people regret having their kids? The world is struggling and child support needs to realize Dad’s need their money more than anyone because the government always takes care of moms and children in a time of need.

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