Pros and Con’s of President Trump being re-elected

President Trump has never changed and always been the same since before being elected for President. Trump speaks his mind and insults people as he always have done in his life time. Our current President is a business owner and have always looked out for the best interests of business owners and not individual people. Why should he change now?

Trump is a very straight forward person and does as he pleases. Our President will not back down in any fight even if he’s obviously losing and doesn’t stand a chance to winning it. This is the guy that many people look up too.

We as the American People deserve better. We deserve someone who isn’t so insulting to his own peers, past President’s, and to individual people. He uses his power and position to get what he wants. We do not need this type of President! We need someone who is for unity and looks out for the good for everyone regardless of background or race.

Trump came into office trying to separate the People by building a wall for those who are trying to get a better life to take care of their families due to their limited options in their own country. American is a free country and everyone deserves to have a peace of mind regardless of your background.

Trump isn’t taking COVID-19 as serious as he should and there are millions dying from this virus. He feeds people false information against the CDC and his own colleagues just for better ratings or attention. He is very uneducated and was only born into money. When a woman does not support her man, that should be an eye opener for anyone. Women are the ones who hold the family together. President Trump’s wife won’t even hold his hand on camera and never shows him any affection. There is a reason for everything, but someone who doesn’t receive respect at home should not be running the White House or a whole Country.

You can like President Trump as a individual, but if you know what’s best for you and your family, you should not indulge in voting for him in this election. President Trump takes America as a joke and does nothing but show Twitter and other social media outlets as much love as possible. Please be open minded when voting and keep in your mind all of the people who have died during these hard times because of the lack of care our President showed in the beginning and the things he chooses to focus on now while we are losing family members everyday.

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