President Trump’s recent remarks about COVID-19

How do you feel about COVID-19? Has it affected you and your family? Are you experiencing a daily habit of waking up and lost for words due to looking across the dining room table and your loved one is gone forever? How do you feel about the recent remarks our current President has made about COVID-19?

I really would like to start out by saying that my household personally has not been affected by COVID-19 but those that I grew up with or previously worked with have been affected by this virus and it is definitely more serious than a cold or flu. I hate that there are so many people comparing and relating COVID-19 to the flu virus which holds way less actual deaths per year than COVID-19 just in one year. Especially our own President who has practical caught COVID-19 recently and made it seem like it’s not bad at all and it has made him feel better than 20 years ago.

Our President after catching COVID-19 now claims to be immune to the disease and tells people to live their everyday life as usual because he didn’t get the bad end of things as others have experienced and are dead and gone or still here and still suffering such as the long haulers. Yes, people die each year from the flu virus but the numbers fluctuate so much that it still would take about 4 years for the flu virus deaths to add up to what COVID-19 has done to our society in the past 8 months. COVID-19 has way more cases and more deaths reported than Flu virus has ever experienced in 8 months timeframe.

Our President does not believe in what the scientist have to say one day and then the next day he does. Trump is taking America for a joke and is not fit to run this country especially during a crisis. After the experiences that have occurred under his watch such as rioting, racism, crime has increased, more police killings and police being killed. This country is more divided than it’s ever been since slavery was abolished.

The President does not respect anyone and is so secretive about his wrongdoings he believes the people don’t need to know about his taxes. There is no such thing as privacy when it relates to us, but he believes we shouldn’t know anything about the one person who makes changes in our life that affects us directly. Regardless of your race, background, political beliefs we need to stick together and ensure we vote for someone who is for the People. We need someone who is focused on COVID-19 and healthcare and loss in jobs due to the virus. We need someone to do what is needed and not what is wanted by people because sometimes our wants aren’t always what’s best.

After the President is released from the hospital he announces that he will not sign off on another stimulus bill until he is re-elected. That truly sounded pretty selfish and silly on his part at the same time. That statement there should have loss you many voters because they all believed you were out to help them. All Republicans aren’t making the same amount of money you are making Mr. Trump, so you hurt many of your followers deep down inside by making that statement. Why are you so focused on placing a new judge when the People should have a say so about who becomes the Judge not just the President.

Try something new you have never done before!!!

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